What the Critics Say About The Keepers Trilogy"

"Friar dazzles readers with big battles and saucy science, all driven by an astute sense of history and human motivation." - Sci Fi Lists Online, Best of Sci Fi "Hugely innovative tale both smart and entertaining. Colossal effort and colossal fun!"- Kirkus Reviews "The Keepers is a pretty impressive piece of speculative fictionówritten plausibly, dramatically and comprehensively in prose that is better than one often finds in books of this kind."- Bookreviews.com "A fine read for the young, and a refreshing review for us a little older, of some of the lessons of history in a clear, prosaic style reminiscent of classic 50s sci fi." - Space Age Magazine

The year is 2039, and the wildly ambitious German ruler Geiseric and his henchmen, "the principles," have - in Hitlerian fashion -taken over Central Europe and threaten to parlay their successes into world domination. Friar uses the first two World Wars as the template for his fictional third and, in spite of its eerie familiarity, the plot remains rich with suspense. Book one of this series concerns itself with the efforts of a new group of Allied powers that attempt to drive Geiseric back and stymie his ruthless imperialism. WWIII is that rarest of sci-fi creations: a hugely innovative tale both smart and entertaining...

(Kirkus Discoveries, 2008)


Book 1: The Keepers WWIII

In 2039 more than one hundred people have found refuge from the Third World War by hiding out on a small island in the South Pacific. For the past five years, the adults have kept their children protected from any news of the outside world. Although the kids know that a war has begun between the mighty superpowers of their age, they live under the false impression that everything will soon return to their normal pre-war lives.

Logan is seventeen and has been living with his family on the island since he was twelve. Curious to know the truth about the world beyond the island, Logan and his friends begin to investigate. They discover disturbing news from the outside world, but just as they prepare to confront the adults, a mysterious darkness possesses the minds of all the islanders, rendering everyone unconscious.

Logan awakens in a hospitable-like bunker to find that he and his family have been captured by the enemy forces. Along with thousands of Allied civilians, they are herded onto bizarre, train-like air transports. During a struggle, Logan is separated from his family and forced into a different transport car.

On board, Logan meets a group of European prisoners of war who tell him the story of Geiseric, the ferocious leader of the new Germany -- Germania. Though many of the Allied citizens see him as the new Hitler, Logan comes to find out that Geiseric is a far more complex figure than he could have ever imagined. As he learns about the new German tyrant's rise to power and eventual domination of the world, the lines between good and evil begin to blur and Logan finds that he must quickly mature.

Now, he, his family, his new friends and Billions of Allied civilians, have to cope with the new world order imposed upon all of them by the Führer of Germania. They assume that the Allied Forces were defeated, but are all things truly as they appear?


Book 2: The Keepers Tribulation

Futurist writer Richard Friar once again dazzles readers with big battles and saucy science in The Keepers: Part II: Tribulation. Like the first installment of the trilogy, Friar skillfully blends history and human motivation with his larger-than-life science fiction fare. From invisible commandos whose suits are based on present light-redistribution (cloaking) research being conducted at leading international universities, to the new Animalian battlemachines modeled after everything from insects to dinosaurs, the readers are shown that not only will this technology be available in the far distant future, but in fact within a few decades. All that would be needed is the catalyst of a man that is Geiseric, the leader of the Apex Empire, who manages to coalesce and utilize the human and natural resources necessary to spark an arms race and war the likes of which humanity has never seen.

In Tribulation, it is 2040 and the Allies are still up and running at their refuge on Mars, with the readers coming to see how the Apex lost its territories on the Red Planet. The Battle of Olympus Mons takes place atop the largest mountain in the Solar System, preceded by a continent-wide Martian dust and electrical storm. In their fight, the Allies encounter an unforeseen and bizarre enemy, ending in a signature plot reversal that will leave readers stunned. Geiseric's formative days are explored, bringing greater depth and texture to a character that has already enraptured so many fans of the first book. The war technology is once again lavishly illustrated in a high sci-fi style that will appeal to the science fiction fan in everyone, combined with a dramatic writing prose better than one often finds in books of this kind.